Mathew Parkin (at)

Lives and works in Leeds, UK
Selected Shows, projects, things -
12/2013–02/2014 - but it could be a Levi's advert, Flatfile, Eastside Projects, Birmingham.
11–12/2013 - Winter Art Fair, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
10/2013 - One Touch, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow, UK
10/2013 - Performance Fetish, SWG3, Glasgow, UK
07/2013 - LAN Party, Two Queens, Leicester, UK
05/2013 - Da Thirst Issue #2
03/2013 - Bridges help people cross rivers, Picadilly Place, Manchester, UK
01/2013 - Sweat Portfolio, Daily Life Storage
11/2012 - When Passive Aggressive Strategies Fail to Get Results, Supercollider, Blackpool, UK
10-11/2012 - HELD, Liverpool Biennial 2012, Liverpool, UK
06/2012 - Turn It On Again, Motel De Nowhere, Hollybush Gardens, London, UK, Curated by Giles Bunch & dwellerforward.
05/2012 - The Sunday Curator, Digital Exhibtion, Curated by Its Our Playground
02/2010 - Film for You'll Get Used To It, Oliver Braid for New Work Symposium, Tramway, Glasgow.
01/2012 - Dovble Trovble, CCA, Glasgow, Curated by Its Our Playground.
09/2011 - Carte, Paris, France.
06,05,04/2011 - A talk with...series, Friends Meeting House, Norwich, UK
05/2011 - Business As Usual, 17 Palace Street, Norwich, UK
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Risograph print edition for Two Queens, 2013. Available to buy here.

but it could be a Levi's advert, with Tom Ireland, 2013, Digital prints, digitally printed towels, photocopies, copper sheet sat on by man in Levi Jeans, Levis 501's dyed with blue dye and meteorite rock. Shown in Flatfile at Eastside Projects, Birmingham.

One Touch, 2013, Wooden structure, cut vinyl, digital video, trainers, burberry nova check wall painting, three stripe curtain, netbook, spotify playlist, glazed ceramic oil burners, rubber matts, digital prints, blackberry on charge receiving intermittent texts read aloud by the invigilator, website, made for One Touch at The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow.

Looks Good With Trouble, 2013, Wooden bleachers, jersey slazenger tracksuit, lucazade, vodka, Vinyl banner (from When Passive Aggressive Strategies Fail to Get Results), digitally printed Towel (from LAN Party), crystal photo, youtube video 'Nike Air Max 95 Bubble Pop Sole Slice!' by user mistermusic69, made for Performance Fetish at SWG3 Gallery, Glasgow. Curated by It's Our Playground.

Use Common Sense, 2013, 3 printed pages, digital wallpapers. Contribution to Da Thirst #3.

Losing you, 2013, Wooden bleachers, clay, digitally printed mugs, Original Purple Vodka WKD, Vinyl banner (from When Passive Aggressive Strategies Fail to Get Results), sports socks, assorted car air fresheners, digital video, tablet device, CD player, Mix CD from Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects, text created with Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects, digitally printed Tee Shirt, digitally printed Towel, made for LAN Party at Two Queens, Leicester.

He is a young kid who does not have any political ideas. He most likely saw such a salute on the internet or somewhere else and did it without knowing what it means, 2013, wood, clay, paint-your-own-mug, mousemat, fridge magnet, tee shirt, iron-on patches, fiji water, flowers, stack of risograph prints, shown at Bridges help people cross rivers, Manchester

When Passive Aggressive Strategies Fail to Get Results, 2012, wood, digitally printed mugs, mousemats, digital prints, frame, chain, tablet device, video, clay, glass, paint, vinyl banner, smiley face air freshener, painting on fluorescent paper, shown at Supercollider, Blackpool

My So-Called Lyfe ( and chav boys (do it better), 2012, desk, youtube video, moniter, text on neon paper, glass, framed photo, digitally printed mugs, finger painting, nike drawstring bag, perfume, evian bottle, glass, tressel, jogging bottoms,

Studio, 2012

Visual Essay on personal and political gaze in relation to television, 2012, vinyl banner and fabric. Part of Turn it on Again, shown with audio and video work.

Flare, 2011, digital video.

Readthrough of Educating Rita, 2011, Two performers read through Educating Rita with no direction.

Clay Buttplug, 2011, Clay.

Untitled Image, 2011, digital photograph.

Here are some Other things that I have done.

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